Spring is here!

Ok, we already know that Spring has started, but in DC we had snow three days ago and it was Spring! I'm excited to add springy colors to my wardrobe, although everything I wear is black/dark, I'm excited to incorporate bright colors with accessories to my outfits.

Few things I have my eyes on for this Spring:


Hole in Her Stockings...

When Jennifer from Dancin' With Olly emailed me to "swap" product reviews I was thrilled. Not only she reviewed one of my notebooks, but she said I could choose one of her many beautiful bracelets from her store.

I immediately felt in love with the one above and she was kind enough to send me another turquoise bracelet (see below).

These bracelets are not only pretty and cute, they are carefully handmade with quality materials. I've been always been a fan of bracelets and I'm excited to have TWO new turquoise bracelets from Jennifer's shop.

You can visit her shop here, her blog here, and here Twitter here.


Color Rooms: Radiant Orchid

There's something about interiors, design, colors and art that fulfils me. Carefully thought color combinations and how to incorporate them in every space is magical. I may be late to the party (posting about Radiant Orchid), but as you know, I started with a blog schedule a few weeks ago.

Radiant Orchid was chosen a few months ago as the Pantone Color of the Year for 2014. I'm not a big fan of the purple family, but this color has something to talk about. Maybe is the mix of having pink in it that caught my attention. It is subtle, mysterious and out of the norm. I can't see myself having a wall painted in this color, but I can see myself having accessories with Radiant Orchid to make a room interesting.

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What do you think of this color? Would you have a wall painted with Radiant Orchid?

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